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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in Meg's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
1:55 pm
im so tired of playing the mom

i have to wake my mom up in 15 min so she can go to her hair app..

i had to wake my 23 yr old brother up at 11:30 for his denist app.....

i have alot to do here and i was just thinking.. when i have my own app. after hs its gonna be so easy.. i wont have to take care of my brother or my mom or there dishes or there laundry nothing.. ill only have to cook a supper i want for myself.. only have to fold my laundry etc. ...

my brothers such an ass.. ex...

(phone hes sitting 2 inches from rings.. he looks at it then looks away again)
me-adam u gonna just stare at that or answer it?
adam-not like its for me i dont have to..
(meanwhile phone next to him is still ringing)
i get up and answer..
hes extremely rude, and is he ever self centered holllllyyyyy shit..if im on the interenet or the phone and he wants it..he'll yell til im off or dissconnect me or something..if hes on.. and i want it. i ask..wait foooreever and he'll just tell me"im gonna be a while tough shit. or ur on all the time kjfsakjhfkjhdsa kfjh"

dsjakfhdsakjhfkjxnfkjhdsakjfhkhrkjeshjkndsjkfhskjfkj hdxfjk sdajh

^^my anger with him

Moving on...soccer tryouts are alright

the boy i was talking about in the previous entry we talked.. were over or w.e we were " "

scotts moving in 2 weeks adams leaving on labor day.. house to myself..

im redoing scotts room and i know this is evil little sister like but i have his permission to repaint and move couches down there and stuff for when i have people over.. good times


got to shower

Current Mood: frustrated
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
10:36 pm
soccer game tonight lost by 2 i did something stupid and im not sure about the rest of my game oh well....

ok here i go im gonna pour out my guts if the word gets out.. well fuck em

i miss jayson

soooooo much... tonight brianna and i were talking about realationships and stuff and i just kept coming back to how much it sucks he doesnt wanna talk.. i miss him:(

I dont know wats wrong with me i just feel like running over to his house right now and hugging the hell outta him:(::(:(:(:(:( jkhaslkjfhjdkashf

i dont know if this is becuz the brittney situation and partly how apparently his cousin told him i told her why we broke up but all i member saying was it didnt work out and stuff like that that we argued alot and stuff but idk it was over a year ago!


if this thing with britt never happened would things be the same? i told both of them i never wanna hear bout it again so im gonna drop it now.. i cant play with life on "what ifs"


alright enough of this onto better news... tomrw i get to go see the Dutch coaches along with the students so that will be fun im gonna give em all big hugs:P haha

I SAW JAMES! it was so djshafjkh weird yet nice to see him.. good times..

I have the hardest time trusting people

caribou makes me laugh...once i get outta this fuck town im gonna come back only to point and laugh at everyone who stayed..

im tired of getting hurt.. i havent had a bf for over 7 months i think.. idk if i want one or not.. i dont wanna get hurt so my next one better not be a fucktard lol

i need to just.. kldjsfalk idk something

i need something to focus on thats wat it is.. i need something to put my energy into.. something like a job maybe idk

alright i said i was done talking about jayson but here i go becuz this journal is really only one that tori and scum can see so u guys dont say nothing. if u even read this id write it but idk this is just easier.. but ok well i really thought about is last night and i wanna talk to jayson in person.. make him look and me and tell me why hes doing this i can stand hearing the things hes saying but i dont know if hed be able to say them to my face for him it could be a cover up if he truly means them he'll say it to my face..it'll hurt and ill cry but ill know for sure and this way i guess i can truly just leave him alone as he wishes..all of a sudden

i have to get ahold of andrew here soon its driving me nuts.. erin wants him to come saturday night to the movies.. therefore tori if ur reading this your invited as well...idk details yet..

alot of people will come to me with there problems.. which i dont mind i love giving advice... but i guess im just now realizing

im listening to music thats making me cry.. not good

im out

l8er fuckers

remember u never know wat u got til it leaves u therefore in conclusion just be thankful for everything.. appreicate the small things.. they'll leave u very quickly

Current Mood: sad
Saturday, June 18th, 2005
11:18 am
well...here it is..my last entry becuz well even a secret journal can somehow be found by the people u dont want it to be.....so fuck writing in it anymore

peace out bitches!

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
9:57 pm
currently im eating mentos and my mood is pretty neutral:) haha

today i went to the mall and found a hotttttt pair of sunglasses andddd these glasses that may look quite ugly but look pretty hott on me:) but i had no moeny..grr ill have to go back i did finally get the chicago cd tho and im enjoying it greatly...haha it was between broadway show tunes 50 cent kid rock and weezer. i also hung out in payless and chilled on the kids couches, read berstein bears on the floor in b dalton and had hiccups which made a lil kid laugh at me...im such a dork

jayson better call me back grrr

uh oh bad gas grrrr

crapppp all my mentos are gone

movies tonight...christine seth and jeremiah went to madagascar again just to see the penguins(sp?) haha good times

anywhoo this is all


Current Mood: dorky
Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
6:08 pm
djkhfjkshajkfh Frustrated...couldnt go to soccer because i have to clean grr..other reasons to like i dont have indoor shoes i could play with in the gym...so i must get those...going to nicks tonight with some peoples....last night im gonna forget about..stun and i were well a lil stunned...grr but oh well.

gotta get going things to do before i go to nicks:
unload dishwasher
load dishwasher
throw laundry in
straighten hair
and ehhh brush teeth breath is horrible haha

my dad just asked if the moose that was retard ran into the fence etc becuz kids were teasing it..psh no no thanks that wasnt me nor my friends or anyone actually at the courts the moose just came outta no where but my dad doesnt believe me becuz kathy mazakelly(sp?) wrote that in the paper... jeebus

ive been listening to the mix that kate made me all day goood stuff i love the song beverely hills

i wish to go to the mall this week...



Current Mood: rushed
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
8:28 pm
jsfhjasdkhfjklhsdakljfhdjkshf as

someone i started to like..eventually finally thought i found bf material likes whom i djksafhkjdshfjkldhsakj was with a lil bit sjdfkdshfkja errrrr and errrr

ok this is making no sense but its a good venting session...

this is scumms ventage..same thing happened to her:

why cant seth like cournty and phil like tori..why us....why why why? why our "guys" hummm whuy?aklsjdhglakjsdhfl kjh

just when "they" lead us on we fall becuz were girls and were dumb.. of all people why them huh why!?!?!?kdsjf aklsdhfkljdshjkfhadkjsh

i hate being a girl

Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, June 12th, 2005
11:23 pm
"So amazed how bright are the flames
We are burning in
Ever smiled at the tragedies
We hold inside"
-him (one last time)

something to think about

Current Mood: indescribable
5:15 pm
.5 days i still cant get over how its well...almost over.

tomrw our last day is gonna be awesome.

im gonna miss james so much..as if i havnt said it enough

im kinda sleepy today has been a very lazy day...yesterday though i played 4 hours of basketball and soccer then walked 3.5 miles to nicks house..which christine and i got in trouble for cuz it was dark.

tis thundering and lightning..i love thunder and lightning....prob not good to be on the computer though

parents are acutally making supper tonight..and its sounding good hope they dont fuck it up

belly hurts

i hope people dont loose touch with me over the summer

ahh i have soccer up the ass though all my vacation so this should be a good in shape summer...

(cracking fingers)

bye fuckers

Current Mood: blank
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
7:45 pm
toris lj made me happy..yay for jayson...im suppose to tell him a bedtime story tonight..jeez i was hoping he'd forget. haha

was grounded last night for to much useage on cell phone ..i didnt care whihch made my dad more pissed..i can live a night w/out phone internet or going out..not a big deal.

awesome day today..wrote about it on my xanga though and dont feel like typing it again.. hilarious moose story though lol...

i think im gonna go drive my dads truck muahahhaa



Current Mood: chipper
Monday, June 6th, 2005
8:48 pm
im so tired

im gonna fall asleep typing ill be one of those kids in a movie when there doing there hw and just fall asleep on my books haha

memeres birthday yesterday i found out she has been in the hospital since friday and got surgury today but not by someone telling me oh no i had to listen to my mom talking on the phone.

got bitched at today about not cleaning my brothers effing mess in the kitchen and i know its not mine cuz i havent been home ALLL WEEKEND! grr

tori we need a date!

cutting this short



Current Mood: crappy
Sunday, June 5th, 2005
10:48 am
la la la...

fun fun weekend i must say:

-promo dance, had fun for the 2nd half they wouldnt shut the lights off though..dance with my sexy lil james and convineced jayson to dance with me with my puppy eyes:) lol
-lots of fun yesterday.. went by rivers christine and i made it to the big rock even though beavers got in the way lol. got subway burger boy stole tims burgers all that jazz..
-now at scumms parents still not home.. happy birthday memere!:) sorry couldnt come today.. ethan wanted to hang out today but idk...

gonna go get a muffin:)


Current Mood: calm
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
9:50 pm
lots of stuff to do! im so lazy.. ajkfdksjhfrtlkjsdhfkjsd


shanes puppys so cute

tori we needa date dksfhklsdfkjhdskljfh


Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
9:43 pm
fun day for the movst part....

*played 7-up in class
*gave news report
*laughed at others news reports
*skipped half of language
*twas super nice
*hangage with brittney

good times

brother was nice today and brought me clothes..

dad lost my cell phone! grrrrr

mike nadeaus complaining about his life and saying its becuz he sucks at basketball..jeezus....get over it

i had a major pms snap at chad today...sorry. oh well

find cell phone..
prob wearing hoochie shorts..
going with stun or dying nicoles hair if wanted to.
going to decorate for promotional
gotta call jayson but dont have my cell

la la la la

l8er fuckers

Current Mood: artistic
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
9:48 pm
"lifes a mission"-quote of about 5.7 seconds ago haha..

gotta calll jayson crappo almost forgot..gotta finish all homework also...

hate hate HATE it how people judge me or give me crap EVEN STILL about only talking to jayson. jksdakfjhdskjh its been a year since we broke up.. let it go.

Lost forever in his deep blue eyes.
Under his breathe hate appears but I know different.
Love; a word not to strong but annoying in there favor.
With no morals of his own im his lost car keys, which is now broken down and steaming inside.
Just a stupid girl, a small lite candle until the covers put on and all teh smoke is trapped inside.
only to pour out all at once.
Fit like a puzzle piece, the chemistry forms the picture.
No longer 1 picture but two now very different puzzle pieces that still fit together.
Even though im not staring into the boys deep blue eyes any longer i can still see them..

la la la la alalalala

brother wants computer....hmm..brother gets home tonight..left for weekend becuz he needed to get away from the wacked out house which i completly understand but his first words to me are as follows:
are u almost done with the internet?
[me] in about 15 min...
[me] scott ill be only 15 mins calm down
(slams door in my face)
i believe i need the vacation....
parents ticked me off purpously..only one who didnt do something to erk my pickle here is...adam..he brought me drugs(allergy meds) in school today....

even my dog and cat pissed me off.. i have nothing against my brothers fish haha

sweet dreams bitches..


Current Mood: annoyed
9:03 pm
first post...hmm

my parents ticked me off purposly tonight..dkjsfkjasdhfjklhdsjkhfa

8.5 days until middle school is over..i have lots of homwork to pass in..hope i dont cry..im gonna miss james allloooot

i had stuff on my mind but has slipped when i got dissconnected for a while..

tori do u still need advice..lol still gotta give u this account..but if so once u get it...call my cell if needed.

prob update l8er....everything seems to have floated away..


Current Mood: sad
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